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Webville Networks Pricing Plans

Storage limit per account 50 GB*
Plus $10.00
Standard $8.00
Basic (Web mail + POP) $5.00
Prices are per mailbox per month, we invoice quarterly.
*Plus includes online archive in addition to mailbox


  Basic Std Plus
Outlook 2019 software provided (Mac or Windows)    
ActiveSync (for most smart phones such as iPhone)    
SharePoint 2016 Included    
Skype for Business 2015 Included    
FTP Site Included    
Web Site / FTP Site Opt Opt Opt
Spam Titan Email Protection, Security and Email Filtering
MAPI access  
Outlook on the Web 2019 (OWA) (Web mail)
POP3 access
SMTP access
IMAP access
Offline access to Outlook
Shared Folders  
Public Folders  
Shared Address List  
Shared Tasks  
Shared Calendars  
Group Scheduling including viewing free/busy times of others  
First Month Free
Mix & Match account types
Split domains for easy migration
Maximum email size including attachments 5mb 50mb 50mb
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
99.9% uptime guarantee
64-bit Dell Servers for high speed & availability
Unlimited Public Folders (create/delete)  
Owner Permissions on Public Folders  
Groups gladly created to help you manage Public Folder permissions  
Company Global Address List (GAL)  
Distribution Lists (Groups) Allowed 25 10 100
Inbound Domains Allowed 1* 2 25
Recipients Per Message Allowed 100 100 100
Unlimited Personal Contacts
Full Features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019  


Journaling (Archiving of all messages for Compliance)
(requires Exchange Plus, not Basic)
Migration of Existing Mailboxes Optional
Web Site Hosting Optional


Per Object Per Month
Object Monthly Hosting Fee
Server-side "Group" No Charge
Server-side "Contact" $1.00

Server-side Groups
A server-side Group is an object in your organization's Global Address List, which can have an address at your domain and forward mail to one or more group members. Group members can include mailboxes, server-side contact objects, and public folders. For example, goes to your support staff, Butch and Sundance. You can also send outbound mail from a Group identity/address. See Multiple Identities.

Server-side Contacts
A server-side Contact is an object in your organization's Global Address List, which can have an address at your domain and forward mail to an external email address. For example, forwards to

Compliance Services
If you need to append a disclaimer, or comply with regulations by retaining all email, we can now offer these services at a very reasonable cost.

Referral Program
Refer a new customer to Exchange Hosting Service, and not only is their first month free, your company also gets an equivalent amount of free hosting time. For example, if you have 20 users and the new client has 10, then 10 of your users will ride for free next month. If you have 5 users and the new client has 15, your service will be free for the next three months.

Public Folder Storage Space
Your workgroup is allocated an amount of public folder storage space equal to 250 MB times the number of users. For example, a workgroup of 10 users is allocated a total of 2,500 MB of public folder storage space (10 * 250 MB). 

This public folder storage space allocation is separate from and in addition to the mailbox storage space. Public folder storage is calculated in aggregate for the workgroup, in contrast to mailbox storage which is a separate limit for each user.

Extra public folder storage space is $10 per GB per month. You can create and delete as many public folders as you wish. We don't track how many folders you have, just how much storage space you use.

Setup charges
There is no setup fee. We invoice quarterly. Your first invoice will be for the remainder of the current calendar quarter, pro-rated for the number of days remaining. You can pay by credit card or we can invoice your company.



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