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Why Webville?
Because our email service comes with an email administrator. Office 365 email requires you to use the Office Portal, a complicated self-service control panel. Webville customers can simply email Webville, in plain English, with any changes you'd like or any questions. 

To The Cloud!
We were the cloud before the cloud was cool, hosting Exchange since 1998. We know Exchange backwards and forwards, how to do the complicated things, as well as the easy. We can save you money by using aliases (distribution lists) instead of accounts for certain purposes. But let's take it one step further, suppose you'd like to include an external recipient in your distribution list. That might not be easy on the do-it-yourself Portal, but a Webville customer just sends an email saying, "please include in our alerts@ alias."

Suppose you'd like Bob's mailbox to show up automatically in Julie's Outlook, along with her own. Good luck figuring that out on the Portal.
Or maybe you'd like a supervisor to get copies of all inbound and outbound mail from a trainee. Piece of cake for a Webville customer.
eDiscovery is a good example. Say you need to isolate every email about a particular project for litigation. If you're a Webville customer, you have an expert Exchange administrator on your team.
One more example, cross-mailbox search and destroy. Suppose a malicious email was sent to everyone in your organization. An advanced Exchange administrator has the tools to construct a search which isolates the message and removes it.

Top Tier Data Center
Just because we're a small business doesn't mean we don't have the muscle.  Webville servers are housed in a world-class colocation data center alongside the servers of well-known big businesses. We own and operate our own servers, we are not reselling someone else's service. We're on the latest 2019 version of Exchange Server. We've added more servers, maintained a high-availability environment with triple redundancy, excess capacity, high performance and low latency.

SpamTitan Email Protection, Security and Email Filtering
Email protection blocking phishing, malware, spam, viruses and other malicious email threats. SpamTitan email protection provides advanced yet easy to use email protection for your business. As an independent cloud services provider, Webville uniquely combines Microsoft Exchange with the SpamTitan cloud-based spam filtering solution included at no extra charge. If you've had experience with Microsoft spam filtering you already know why. Microsoft's Exchange is the best email system, but SpamTitan's spam filtering is vastly superior. We cross these corporate boundaries to give you the best of both worlds. SpamTitan catches more spam, with fewer false positives. Daily quarantine reports give you control and options to allow or block quarantined spam. Want to know if a message you're expecting has been filtered? You can generate a new quarantine report at any time or browse your individual quarantine.

Email Encryption Solution with EncryptTitan
EncryptTitan is a full featured encryption system which allows users to exchange information securely via email. EncryptTitan provides organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organization.

Private Cloud Services
Webville offers virtual servers, instant messaging, document management and web hosting in addition to Exchange. If you need something which isn't listed, please inquire.

CodeTwo Email Signatures
Webville now offers CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro as an optional add-on. CodeTwo is used by our clients primarily for the easy administration of centrally designed and controlled email signatures. It has many other capabilities as well.

Multiple Identities
Are you sales@ and support@ at and  If you need to send and receive at more than one domain and with more than one alias, Exchange has the power to simplify your life without breaking the bank. Best of all, you don't have to figure out how to make it work through some arcane self-service portal. Just tell us what you need, we can advise the various ways to achieve similar results and give you the pros and cons of the different approaches.

Compliance Services
If you need to append a disclaimer, or comply with regulations by retaining all email, we offer these services at a very reasonable cost.

Like your web site?
Thinking about Exchange Hosting, but happy with your current web hosting? You can split up these two services. We can host the email for your domain name, while your web site is hosted elsewhere. We also offer web hosting - either way, your choice.

Outlook Web App
Access your mailbox anytime, from anywhere, in your browser.

Exchange ActiveSync
Our Plus level service plan includes Exchange ActiveSync. Mobile devices including iPhones, Smartphones and tablets can access Exchange directly.

SharePoint 2016 Included
Webville's Plus level service plan includes SharePoint 2016.

Web Hosting
Advanced and flexible web hosting implemented on Windows Server 2019. WordPress, PHP and MySQL are supported. Traditional basic web hosting with ftp access is also offered. 

Public folders
Just like the calendar, contacts and email folders in your mailbox, except public folders are available to everyone in your workgroup.
This is one of the original features which made Microsoft Exchange the leader it is today. A public folder of contacts can eliminate duplicate, conflicting phone lists. A public folder calendar can show the schedule for company events. Keep your latest price list (or any document) in a public folder and your workgroup gets updates automatically.

Big Business E-mail, collaboration and cloud services for Everyone
All the features of Exchange Server, SharePoint and Skype4Business are available through our cloud-based system. Access from any and all of your devices --  everything is always in sync. Mailbox, calendar, contacts, it's all there on your office computer, your phone, your laptop, web browser, etc.

Build your business on the leading messaging and collaboration platform. Focus on your business, not on your servers. Give your company its own private cloud, with Microsoft Exchange server 2019, SharePoint 2016, Skype for Business 2015, web hosting, etc, with full functionality accessible over the Internet.

Individuals - Be An Army of One...
Webville accepts individual users at no extra charge. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or other device with ActiveSync, you'd like to take advantage of Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Web App you've come to the right place.

Credit Card payments accepted
Webville accepts payment by credit card, or we can invoice your company in the traditional manner.

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