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The owner of Webville Networks, Bill is proud to be a member of Evesham Fire-Rescue and happy to play a small part in the 911 system.

As an EMT member of Evesham Fire-Rescue, Bill is on the ambulance Saturdays and Sundays responding to 911 calls in the local township where he lives. Bill is a Crew Chief (the EMT treating the patient), Ambulance Operator (Driver), Field Training Officer (FTO) and member since 2013. Home to more than 45,000 people, Evesham Fire-Rescue responds to about 6,000 911 calls per year (and growing). Photo above is one of our five ambulances.

Evesham Fire-Rescue Web Site

Evesham Fire-Rescue YouTube channel.

Here are a few photos from a training exercise, click to open in a new tab.


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